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The many stories behind our street names.

Kiln Creek is more than a new Shaw community - it is our legacy project. A tribute to the rich tapestry of our company’s past, and the talented employees interwoven throughout. Behind each street name, there’s the story of an employee who made a significant impact on the company in its initial years - an impact that is still felt today.


Allan Shaw Boulevard

The Shaw Group would look very different today without the leadership of Allan Shaw. Allan served as Chairman and CEO from 1987 until 2005, guiding the company through unprecedented growth. He played a leading role in the company’s shift from traditional family-owned enterprise into a progressive management-owned group of divisions competing across the region - a key moment in The Shaw Group’s history. His business expertise and voluntary leadership has been recognized by many awards throughout the years. Allan is still actively involved in the company as Chairman.

Rawding, Keith (Rawding Drive -Rd_7).tif

Rawding Drive

Keith Rawding joined L.E. Shaw Ltd in 1947, where he served as Head Burner, Shipper and Plant Foreman at the New Glasgow plant. He would ultimately be with the company for 37 years, eventually becoming General Manager of the Clay Division and General Manager of Transport. Keith Rawding took a great interest in collecting and preserving press clippings, photographs, and other company memorabilia. His informal role as company historian was the reason why many of The Shaw Group’s interesting footnotes were not forgotten.

Lunn, Glenn (Glenn Drive -Rd_3).tif

Glenn Drive

Glenn (Glendon) Lunn was a long-service employee for The Shaw Group, and was Superintendent of the Lantz Machine Shop during the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. He grew up around the plant, and had a vast knowledge of its inner workings. He was a true mechanical genius who could build anything and keep anything running.

Isenor, Owdis (Owdis Avenue -Rd_1)1.tif

Owdis Avenue

Starting at the bottom, Owdis Isenor rose to become a top-ranking official in The Shaw Group. He was an expert mechanic and a genius in every department that called for skill in the manufacturing of clay products.

Owdis was a builder of exceptional homes, and he also had to his credit construction of a $40,000 rink and the Lantz church. He was a patient and progressive man with a keen mind, known for his strong character. He was honest, reliable, and always did what was right.

Weagle, Lloyd (Weagle Street -Rd_6)2.tif

Weagle Street

Lloyd Weagle was a long-time Superintendent at the Lantz clay plant that operated with 90 employees. Always looking for ways to make the operations more efficient and cost-effective, Lloyd played an important role in a two-year plan that was introduced to modernize parts of the clay plant in 1972. Lloyd retired after dedicating 54 years to the company.

Acker, Syd (Acker Road -Rd_8).tif

Acker Road

Syd Acker joined The Shaw Group in 1964 as General Manager of The Pyramid Structural Concrete division. Syd was a gifted leader, an innovative thinker, and possessed a tireless work ethic. His contributions did not go unnoticed, and he moved his way up until he was appointed President in 1974. He played a leading role with Allan Shaw in negotiating the sale of the company from the Shaw family by a group of senior managers. Syd was appointed Chairman of the Board, a position he held until 1989. He remained keenly interested in the activities of the company until his death in 2006.

Miller, Lewis J  (Lew Crescent -Rd_4).ti

Lew Crescent

Lewis J. Miller was a pioneer of the brick industry and long-time Superintendent at the Fredericton plant, eventually taking over the Saint John facility in 1963. He was a member of the Miller family with a long and honorable history as brickmakers in the Maritime provinces, and he himself gave many years of service to the Lantz plant. In 1964, after Lew tragically succumbed to a heart attack, the company called on his son Leon, who was then working in Sydney, to take over in Saint John.

McKenna, Clarence Nick (McKenna Avenue -

McKenna Avenue

Clarence “Nick” McKenna was the Superintendent for Shaw Transport.  At that time the company consisted of a maintenance supervisor, a dispatcher, twenty drivers, two mechanics, and five strikers, for a total trucking roster of thirty.  Nick dedicated many years to The Shaw Group and retired in early 1981.

McLellan, Borden (McLellan Lane -Rd_9).t

McLellan Lane

Borden McLellan joined The Shaw Group when the company acquired the assets of Nova Scotia Sand & Gravel. He started in 1968 as a Mechanical Superintendent. However by the time The Shaw Group was taken over by senior management, Borden was General Manager of the division. He eventually took over management of the company's transportation interests and the Elm Truck Centre until he retired in 1989.

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